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Advancements in technology have changed the way businesses use maps. The demand for enterprise-grade mapping application that integrates with CRM applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 has created an entirely new geospatial industry catering to diverse business mapping needs. One of the features that companies expect from a geospatial mapping application for Dynamics CRM is Point of Interest (POI) search!

What is Point of Interest (POI)?

The point of interest (POI) is a data set with important places people may find useful, like nearby Attractions, Airport, Gas Station, Restaurant, Gas Station, Coffee Shop or a Convention Centre.

Benefits of Point of Interest Search in Business:

Companies visualize POIs with their CRM data to analyze trends, improve field sales and service processes, locate and discover new businesses, and find potential opportunities. Some of the benefits a company can experience with POI search in Dynamics 365 are as follows;

1. Find new opportunities and add them to Dynamics 365

Most of the Points of Interest records are public or private businesses. With a good mapping application, adding those businesses as leads in Dynamics 365 is a matter of few clicks and can be a powerful tool to acquire new customers.

2. Go beyond the geolocations

Points of Interest helps organizations to group places by their category and location. Apart from geolocation, each POI result can also contain a telephone number & website, wherever possible, to make the whole process seamless.

3. Improve Marketing Event ROI

Finding a suitable place for an event that is easily reachable via public transport (for local attendees) and is near to an airport & hotels (for out of station or international participants) can be remarkably beneficial and improves the overall ROI of the marketing event.

If your business needs the power of POI search within Microsoft Dynamics 365, try Maplytics today!

Maplytics is a geo-analytical mapping app that integrates Bing Maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to allow users to find businesses & POIs from a large directory and add them directly to Dynamics CRM. Maplytics is a secure business app that is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD) and comes with powerful features like Appointment Planning, Sales Routing, Territory Mapping, Heat Maps and Geo-analytical Dashboards that empower organizations to add more value to their CRM data, improve sales & service processes, and achieve high ROI.

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Happy Mapping!

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