It is said that “Time is money” and this is true specially in case of a salesperson. Spending time on one opportunity over another could be the difference between closing a big deal and having the door closed. Time management is one of the most important skills for a salesperson. If you are a sales reps it is always asked that how are you prioritizing and maximizing your time?

Here we wanted to share what we believe to be some highly-effective activities of your sales team. For a sales rep, every day is different and this is just a generalized example, but these are the types of sales activities you’d want to see your sales reps do throughout their week but also need to consider there will always be breaks in between meetings, traffic issue, customer availability etc.

As you can see in below screenshot when Appointment is created for a salesperson in Dynamics CRM, it’s so much confusing for salesperson as he has to narrow down on various criteria like date and time of appointment, priority, venue and many others. The date & time of the appointment is the major factor in this as on this basis a salesperson needs to create his daily plan to complete all his daily appointments and yes that’s one of the most time-consuming task.

Route Map Dynamics CRM

That’s where Maplytics Dashboards in your Dynamics 365 CRM can help you to solve this problem! Maplytics will help the salesperson to visualize appointment on a map and in just 1 single click user can get a route on his mobile, tablet or desktop on the basis of various criteria like appointment time or priority on a daily basis.

Refer our blog to configure your own Dashboards:

While creating Dashboard after entering Query you need to select ‘Detail Map’ in ‘Map type’ option And set Show Route to ‘Yes’ and follow steps from Attribute Mapping.

Dynamics CRM Route Optimization

After creating Dashboard and adding Maplytics View to Dashboard it will look like below screenshot where you will see Show Route button.

In Web:

Route Mapping Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When user clicks on Show Route it will open Detail map with all today’s appointments.

Dynamics CRM Route Map

On Mobile:

The Perfect Route Planning Dynamics 365 CRM Dashboards every Sales Rep should have
The Perfect Route Planning Dynamics 365 CRM Dashboards every Sales Rep should have

For Sales rep on field, just having a route is not enough it’s also necessary to have turn by turn navigation links. With Maplytics it is now also possible to get route redirected on google maps. To learn more about the turn by turn navigation using Google maps Click Here.

With the ability to get turn-by-turn navigation from within Dynamics 365 on to the Google Maps app Maplytics further improves the mobility of the Field Sales and Service Reps and helps them to achieve more when on the field.

Note: Currently user can plot maximum 25 appointments in a single day.

Maplytics is a leading Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD) geo-analytical app that provides powerful map visualization and routing capabilities within Dynamics 365 CRM to offer insightful location-based business insights. With Maplytics the Field Sales and Service Reps can create optimized routes to save mileage and reduce traveling costs. They can further choose to save and share the optimized routes with other users either through email or directly saving the route in Dynamics 365.

Apart from routing features Maplytics offers a plethora of useful features like Appointment Planner, Proximity Search based on Distance and Time, Concentric Proximity Search based on Distance, Along the Route Search, Analytical Dashboards, and Territory Mapping & Management, an organization, can drive better sales, improve business processes and engage right customers at the right time.

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