Increasing competition in the business has raised the demand for productivity tools, which enables their teams to get most work done in the least amount of time and to increase customer satisfaction. One of the established ways forward in this new technology era is to boost automation through customer relationship software like Dynamics 365 and processes which help drive better sales, marketing, and services faster and quicker. Maplytics™ has been designed to turbo charge the team productivity by utilizing the power of Bing Maps and Dynamics CRM/PowerApps to deliver locational intelligence as well as geo-analytics planning, routing, localization, and mobility.

By integrating Dynamics CRM with Bing maps, Maplytics enables Organizations to visualize Dynamics CRM data on a map, in real time and on the move. Sales and Service Teams can further schedule an appointment, add tasks and find the optimized route (time or distance based optimization) for maximizing mileage and networking in a geographical entity like city, county or zip code and efficiently fill up the slots with most productive sales opportunities in particular locations.

Maplytics provides feasibility to perform multiple search layers in PCF based on location, region, and drawing to analyze the CRM data on map. Also, multiple proximity searches can be performed in PCF to compare the density of accounts nearby different locations in different regions

Maplytics Geo-Analytical Dashboard helps Managers and CXO to focus on critical accounts, immediately look at the real time map and spatial data to take decisions quickly, efficiently and to present it to the Employees, Customers or Teams. Maplytics helps teams to focus on data that matters and makes the organization highly productive giving them the cutting edge needed in this new big data world to survive, grow and become the greatest.

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