For Sales Teams to ensure customer satisfaction in the territory, it is of utmost importance to gain and retain new customers. Dynamics CRM is powerful customer relationship management application which helps businesses to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with Clients and drive better customer satisfaction. Maplytics™ further extends Dynamics 365 functionalities by integrating it with Bing Maps and delivering best-in-class geo-analytics, planning and routing capabilities.

Maplytics allows to map all the appointments, leads, and opportunities in a particular location within Dynamics 365 and plan Sales Person schedule for the day with the built-in Appointment Planner. Point of Interest Search feature enables finding and mapping nearby places within MS Dynamics CRM/365 to find a Cafeteria, Restaurant, hotels and other similar meeting. At a time users can also enter a search keyword and up to 25 synonymous results will be returned.

In situations when Sales Persons are out on the field, and low on gas, the Point of Interest search in Maplytics helps to find the nearest gas station and allow the Sales Reps to get back on track and visit more Customers. Sales Manager can also chart out a route for the Sales Reps based on the best Opportunity, Leads, and closures and also look at other similar Places, Person, Leads, and Opportunity within a certain distance or time away from the plotted route.

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