Sales Reps travel a lot and spend most of their day on the field, and need to be super-efficient on the road and prepared for every situation they face in the course of their day.

Some of the challenges Sales Reps regularly face are;
  • Missed appointments due to heavy traffic or sudden road closure
  • In case of canceled appointments, Sales or Field reps end up with under-utilized time on their hand
  • Ensuring traveling expenditure (mileage) is in check and under limit

Planning and time management are crucial elements defining the success of a Sales Rep.

Reason #1
Reduce Appointment Planning Efforts!

Maplytics comes with a powerful Appointment Planner that enables Sales Reps to quickly plan and manage their appointments on a map within Dynamics 365. In addition, if any of the appointments is canceled at the last moment, Sales Reps can use Maplytics to find nearby customers and schedule an impromptu meeting to utilize their time slot. When less time and effort is spent on planning, Sales Reps can hit the road earlier and meet more customers.

Reason #2
Be Prepared for the Unknown with Live Traffic Updates within Dynamics 365!

Maplytics utilizes the power of Bing maps to bring live traffic updates right within MS Dynamics CRM. Sales Reps can use this insight to plan and schedule their appointments accordingly and avoid unexpected traffic or road closures.

Reason #3
Save Travelling Expenditure!

Maplytics is embedded with Multi-stop Route Optimization and Planning capabilities to help Sales Reps get the most efficient routes to their destination. Sales Reps can plan and optimize their routes and maximize their mileage and minimize their fuel expenses!

Maplytics runs natively within Dynamics 365 and provides users the ability to visualize their Dynamics CRM data on a map. Maplytics provides a seamless integration of Bing Maps with Dynamics 365 and further adds powerful features to help users stay productive!

Get your free trial of Maplytics from our website or AppSource to improve your Sales Productivity within Dynamics 365!

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