Location Intelligence is one of the growing components of the business data. Most of the modern businesses are finding success through the location data. Location based strategies are not new to the business, however, with more and more business looking to improve customer experience whether, through sales, service, marketing, customer engagement, LOCATION plays an important role in delivering the best experience.

Businesses across the markets including finance, manufacturing, and retail are using location based insight to make a more informed decision and ultimately drive the overall strategy of an organization. Location Intelligence connects different silos of business data and is the best way for companies to know where they stand.

8 in 10 marketers worldwide use location targeting and 30% of mobile searches are related to a location.

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Few of the common business scenarios solved when using locational insights:

  • How far is organization reach in terms of customer spread?
  • Finding the customers in the nearby region?
  • What is the sales in different territories?
  • Where should Marketing Team host next event?
  • Are Teams on target with Sales goal?
  • Best route to visit all the appointments.

Maplytics is one of the first geo-analytical mapping solutions that help organizations to apply location intelligence on business data to make better, more actionable business decisions. Maplytics utilizes the power of Bing Maps to help businesses around the world plot, plan and analyze Dynamics CRM data on a rich and interactive map interface within Dynamics 365. Maplytics extracts the location insights from Dynamics CRM data, helps the organization to understand, analyze and reach out to more customers. With these location-based business insights, the sales and service reps can improve their sales processes and execute the sales strategy efficiently.

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