Drill down analysis of Sales Territories within Dynamics CRM

Every year the amount of business data generated by organizations is growing by leaps and bounds. Microsoft Dynamics CRM does a remarkable job not only to gather the information in one place but also to drill down to extract insights that speeds up the decision-making process.

However, every quarter when the decision makers in an organization analyze the data, they cannot add up why some of their territories are bringing in low sales. This is true for every organization out there.

The reason why corporations cannot identify the gaps and find the missing piece of the puzzle is the difficulty of analyzing vast volumes of data in Dynamics CRM and spreadsheets! Most business intelligence tools miss the most critical and insightful element of business data, LOCATION!

That’s when a powerful geo-analytics and map visualization solution like Maplytics™ comes to the rescue.

How to perform drill-down analysis of sales territories within Dynamics CRM?

Maplytics enriches Dynamics CRM data with geo-coordinates and enables organizations to gain meaningful insights and identify the issues in their sales territories.

For example, Sales Managers can visualize multiple sales territory data on a map and further categorize by Sales, Industry or any other parameter. Then they can focus on the area with a high number of low sales account by drawing a shape and again filter the data by using the Industry category.

Drill down analysis of Sales Territories within Dynamics 365

This will now filter the records based on industry. Then Sales Managers can click on the enclosed shape to open the Summary Card with the aggregated information of sales and expected revenue for each industry.

The freedom to filter and analyze the data gives the Sales Managers the opportunity to identify the industry that is not performing well and dedicate resources to identify the issue and improve performance.

This is just one example for drill-down analysis of sales territories on a map within Dynamics CRM. With the combination of data and filters, an organization can perform drill-down analysis in multiple ways.

Maplytics radically simplifies the process of sales territory management by allowing users to associate geographical boundaries to sales territories, efficiently perform territory realignment and automate the process of territory assignment.

Apart from sales territory management on a map within Dynamics CRM, Maplytics also provides the ability to schedule and manage appointments on a map based on priority, create and share optimized routes, perform various actions right from the map screen, and create insightful heat map visualizations.

Get started with Maplytics by downloading a free trial from our Website or Microsoft AppSource.

Happy Mapping!

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