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Sales & Service professionals always need to be focused on their areas of interest and perform tasks that add value to the organization. However, very often Sales Reps find themselves spending time in setting up the system as per their preferences and business needs. Especially while using a geo-analytical solution, Sales Managers and Representatives need to view the areas of interest and not the overall geographical spread.

This situation is just like finding a needle in a haystack!

For example, Sales Reps who are assigned a particular territory will always need to focus on the regions assigned to them. Even the basic options like map mode (Road or Aerial), how the data is plotted (cluster or non-cluster), distance unit (miles or kilometers), and more, need to be set every time the user is interacting with the map.

The overall user experience is clumsy when a user has to go through all that repeatedly! Though the time spent to set up every time they interact with a map may be minimal, it has a counterproductive effect on the overall productivity of the team and organization!

How awesome would it be if all these things could be set as a default for every user?

The Sales & Service Professionals can utilize the time saved by a thoughtful feature like this to focus on what matters!

Maplytics August 2017 Release offers some of the most awaited features for CRM users. One of the features that will help the Dynamics CRM users to make the most of their workday with User Level Personalization.

The primary goal of adding user level personalization is to allow users to set preferences for how they want to enable locational insight according to their requirement.

The personalization offers a refined user experience as it enables users to control their interaction with a map in Dynamics 365.

Setting up user-level customization is incredibly easy, and the details about the configuration can be found here.

Maplytics is a leading geo-analytical app for Dynamics 365 and is one of the first mapping solutions to be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD). Maplytics provides powerful map visualization and routing capabilities within Dynamics 365 to provide insightful location-based business insights. By using the powerful feature of Maplytics like Appointment Planner, Route Optimization, Proximity Search, Analytical Dashboards, and Territory Mapping & Management, an organization can drive better sales, improve business processes and engage right customers at the right time.

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Happy Mapping!

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