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In our previous blog of this series, we explored how a Sales Manager can use Maplytics to get the most out of the Dynamics CRM data. Using Maplytics, the Sales Manager was able to get quick at a glance insight with Maplytics Dashboards and then use the Maplytics Detail Map to further drill down in the data and create a targeted Marketing List and an optimized route to rekindle the relationship with the Customers with low sales.

In this blog, we will see how the Marketing Manager can utilize Maplytics feature to further work with the targeted Marketing List saved by the Sales Manager and find the best location to host a dinner event and also send personalized email to the Customers to further ensure the success of the event.

Maplytics Workflow for a Marketing Manager

For a Marketing Manager, it is important to collaborate with the Sales Team and align the marketing activities and strategies accordingly. This collaborative effort yields highly beneficial results for the organization as it ensures that the marketing strategies improve the sales pipeline.

The first step in this collaboration is that the Sales Manager should be able to create a targeted marketing list that the Marketing Team can work on. We have covered how the sales manager was able to do this in the first part of this blog series.


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Targeted Marketing Lists to Improve Sales Pipeline

The Marketing Manager can easily access the targeted Marketing List that was saved by the Sales Manager.

Map Dynamics CRM

With Maplytics, the Marketing Manager can directly plot this Marketing List on the map by using the ‘Map’ button in the ribbon.
Map Dynamics CRMAlternatively, the Marketing Manager also has the option to plot the Marketing List on the Detail Map by selecting the required marketing list from the View drop-down in ‘Select Datasource’.
Map Dynamics CRMNow that the Marketing List is plotted on the map, the Marketing Manager can find the location to host a dinner event for all the Customers in the list.

Point of Interest Search to Find the Most Suitable Location and Improve Event Participation

Point of Interest (POI) Search in Maplytics empowers users to find nearby points of interest like Hotel, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Coffee Shops and more from a directory of millions of geotagged businesses in Bing Maps.

The Marketing Manager can select a central location and set it as a POI Location to find nearby POI.

Map Dynamics CRMIn this scenario, we have searched the nearby Restaurants.
Map Dynamics CRMThe Marketing Manager can determine the best restaurant that would be suitable for all the Customers and click on that pushpin to get more details about that restaurant.
Map Dynamics CRMThe Marketing Manager can then call the restaurant and schedule a Dinner Event.

After this, the Marketing Manager can use the Send Email mass action to send a personalized email invitation to all the customers either by creating a new email or selecting from a list of saved email templates.

Map Dynamics CRMOnce the email is out, the Marketing Manager can focus on hosting the best Dinner Event for those customers.

In the next blogs, we will discuss how the Sales Rep can take this collaboration further using Maplytics within Dynamics CRM.

Maplytics is a leading geo-analytical app for Dynamics 365 and is one of the first mapping solutions to be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD). Maplytics provides powerful map visualization and routing capabilities within Dynamics 365 to provide insightful location-based business insights. By using the powerful feature of Maplytics like Appointment Planner, Route Optimization, Proximity Search based on Distance and Time, Concentric Proximity Search based on Distance, Along the Route Search, Analytical Dashboards, and Territory Mapping & Management, an organization can drive better sales, improve business processes and engage right customers at the right time.

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