Join the Analytics Revolution with Dynamics 365 and Maplytics

Analytics is at the core of how businesses make decisions that allow them to grow exponentially. A decade back, companies were skeptical whether data and analytics could help them to grow their business, but now every business knows the importance of data and analytics.

Organizations who are willing to invest time and efforts to analyze their business data often discover insights that help them to identify the activities that will have the most impact and will help them become global leaders.

Microsoft is at the forefront of the Digital Transformation and has invested more than a decade developing business tools like Dynamics CRM that is now at the heart of thousands of growing businesses. Business tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 have revolutionized the way organizations gather and analyze their business data while also improving the customer experience. Combined with a geo-analytical app like Maplytics, Dynamics 365 becomes an analytical powerhouse for organizations across verticals.

Here are few of the benefits of having the Bing Maps and Dynamics CRM integration with Maplytics.

Unlock the geographical element of your Dynamics CRM data

With Maplytics you can geocode your Dynamics CRM data and get the geo-coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) of the records based on their addresses. By geocoding your Dynamics CRM data, you unlock the locational aspect of your CRM data and understand your data geographically.

Visualize and analyze your Dynamics CRM data

Maplytics allows you to visualize your Dynamics 365 data on a map and perform drill-down analysis to understand your market geography and help you make strategies that work. Also, with Heat Map visualizations, you can get an overview of how your organization is performing by analyzing the KPI that matters the most to you.

Transform your Sales Process

Sales Territory Management features in Maplytics helps you to allocate your resources efficiently and serve your geographical areas of interests in a much better way. Also, with features like Appointment Planner and Route Planning and optimization, you can empower your teams to manage their day efficiently.

Fuel organization growth

By efficiently allocating resources, planning appointments and optimizing routes, you make your field professionals more efficient and get better ROI on every resource. Also, you can create targeted marketing campaigns that are personalized based on the geographical analysis and yield maximum results for your organization. The analytics features in Maplytics also help you develop strategies that get you the maximum benefits and fuel your organizational growth.

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Maps for CRM: Geo-Analytics, Routes, Locational Marketing & Territory Management – Presented by Maplytics™

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

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Maplytics is a leading geo-analytical mapping solution for Dynamics 365. Maplytics is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD) and provides powerful features like Appointment Planning, Sales Territory Management, Route Planning and Optimization, Heat Map Visualization and more to help you get the most out of your Dynamics 365 data and drive better sales, engage customers with personalized marketing campaigns and get the better results.

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