Location-Based Targeting: Success of your Marketing Campaigns starts with this

Everyone will agree that heart of business success lies in its marketing. Building a great product is not enough without getting it to the right customers. For any marketing campaigns to be successful a complete analysis & market research is required.

The success of marketing campaign depends on various factors such as planning, market research, budget, size of the campaign, target market and so on. When planning for a marketing campaign, you need to think of these various factors but ‘geolocation’ is the one applicable for all kinds of campaign. Whether your campaign is large or small identifying target market becomes an essential step when planning for a marketing campaign. By precisely knowing where aspect of your marketing campaign, helps you to make it more successful. Geolocation has proven track record in many industries. After all, when you isolate a specific group of people on the basis of location and focus on them, you will see a better ROI on your time and money spend.

[Since 2011, Google reports that search containing “Near Me” has increased by 3400%.]

Building marketing campaign lists based on geographic location helps the organization to reach the people who need to see them most. Rather than send out a generic email for an event promotion, send out emails to contacts within a specific territory, state, or even zip code helps marketer maximize the campaign ROI.

With Maplytics, Marketing Team can view Dynamics CRM data on a map, customize the display including map marker and tooltip information. The team can further filter data with X miles radius of a particular location or customers belonging to a particular region. Select customers within specific geographic shapes and build marketing list or add them to any existing campaign.

Map Dynamics CRMMaplytics helps Dynamics CRM users to find right customers to target. The solution not only helps you navigate to your target prospects, it also helps you strategize and streamline your marketing plan. Organization can save their time, resource and budget by targeting campaign around the market with highest profit potential.

Also, Customers always appreciate personalized touch which leads to more click-through rate and ultimately, a successful campaign!

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