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In our previous blog, we discussed how Maplytics empowers Sales Managers to perform drill-down analysis of sales territories within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

However, the process of sales territory management does not end there. The Sales Manager would want to take some actions like reassigning sales territories, adding tasks for the Salesperson to follow up with particular customers in that specific territory and changing ownership of CRM records.

In this blog, we will discuss the next steps and actions Sales Managers can perform with Maplytics and efficiently balance & distribute sales territories to transform their business with geo-analytics.

Reassigning sales territories, adding follow up tasks & changing ownership of Dynamics CRM records on the map

Maplytics comes with a powerful Mass Actions feature that enables users to perform various actions like Change Owner, Add Task and Manage Territory for multiple data points on the map.

Now let us explore how these Mass Actions can help Sales Managers to simplify their Sales Territory Management process within Dynamics CRM.

Simplifying Sales Territory Management within Dynamics CRM

1. Balance workload by reassigning Dynamics CRM Records to another Sales Rep:

Sales Managers can use Maplytics to quickly change the ownership of records to another Sales Rep. For example, if a territory is not performing well, the Sales Manager would want to assign some of the CRM records to one of the top performing Sales Rep to improve the sales in that particular territory. This is very simple to achieve in Maplytics with the Change Owner mass action. The Sales Manager just needs to visualize the territory on the map, click on the Mass Actions option in the lower right of the map and select Change Owner. The Sales Manager can then select the Sales Rep to reassign the territory.

2. Assign follow up tasks to a Sales Reps:

Sales Managers can also assign tasks to Sales Reps right from the map within Dynamics CRM. For example, if the Sales Manager can add a task to follow up with the premium customers or potential leads to a Sales Rep in a particular territory. By assigning tasks right from the map, the Sales Manager can radically improve the performance of the team and efficiency of the sales territories. To assign a task, the Sales Manager simply needs to click on the Mass Actions option and click on Add Task to assign a task to a particular Sales Rep.

3. Reassigning Sales Territory to improve efficiency:

Sales Managers also has the option to change territories by using the Manage Territory mass action. This helps the Sales Manager to assign selected data points to a particular territory. By reassigning territories, Sales Managers can create more effective & balanced territories and efficiently distribute the workload between Sales Reps.

Maplytics empowers businesses around the world with powerful sales territory management tools within Dynamics CRM and;

  • Get better market coverage and realize the real potential of their sales territories.
  • Efficiently utilize sales force and distribute the workload to improve team productivity.
  • Perform data-driven evaluation of sales team and build robust Sales Pipeline.

Maplytics is a leading certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD) map visualization, routing and geo-analytics solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Maplytics equips organizations across verticals with seamless Bing Maps and Dynamics CRM integration. Businesses use the superpowers of Maplytics for Dynamics CRM data visualization on a map, appointment planning and management, route optimization, sales territory management, heat map visualizations, personalized marketing and transforming their business processes.

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Happy Mapping!

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