It’s a time when everyone is staying indoors and leveraging the great opportunity to improve their learning graph by attending various informative sessions. Imparting our bit in this process, we are coming up with webinar series that will enrich the Dynamics / PowerApps community with a walk through of Maplytics your favourite and Preferred App on AppSource.

Maplytics is a CfMD (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics) app providing map integration with Dynamics 365 and PowerApps. It is specifically developed to visualize Dynamics 365 data on map and improve the Sales and Service of organizations. The popular features of Maplytics include Route Optimization, Territory Management, Appointment Planner and Radius Search enable the managers to take strategic decisions to improve the Area of Service and attend their prospects and clients seamlessly.

The sole purpose behind this webinar series is to empower the Dynamics / PowerApps community and come out stronger and more equipped from this phase of pandemic. Our solution architects and technical experts will guide you through the webinar step by step. At the end of the webinar, there will be a Q&A session to attend to all your doubts and queries.

Here is the list and registration links of webinars we will be conducting for Maplytics:

  1. Friday 10th April: Visualize tabular Views as Maps with Maplytics PCF Components and create optimized routes for truck!
  2. Wednesday 22ndApril: Prerequisites to get Maplytics started and Overview of Detail map!
  3. Friday 8thMay: Stretch the field productivity to its extent with Maplytics!
  4. Wednesday 20thMay: Quick Territory planning and Analyse data with PCF and heat map using Maplytics!

Don’t forget to register for these sessions to improve knowledgebase and field productivity of your reps. These webinars will throw a spotlight on how to improve your geographical presence and launch marketing campaigns wherever required.

After these webinar you will have an understanding of:

  1. How to strategize to revamp your business geographically.
  2. Create, plan and align territories.
  3. Plan and optimize routes over a span of days with automated schedules.
  4. Improve your area of service.
  5. Thematic visualization with Heat Maps, Census Data and Shape File integration.
  6. Visualization with PCF controls.
  7. Concentric proximity search with distance and travel time filters.

So, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to interact with our team about these features. Also, share about these webinars with your team members and customers so that they can also benefit from these informative sessions.

Register now on the links mentioned above and please take care, Stay Safe, Stay Indoors!

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